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Rutlands Chalet

    Imported from Australia, this magnificent girl is near perfect
       in every way. She is always the comic and a joy to have in our
       hearts and home.


     Sire: Tegan Park Mahoso Amour
     Dam: Rutlands Chevonne

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     Retired from breeding to be a full service/therapy dog after leaving her mark for breed improvement for years to come.



Country Hollywood Glamour


    Glamour is a small medium size Australian Labradoodle
    full of love.


    Sire: Chicago Hershey Bar Kid
    Dam: Tegans Irish Summer


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     Glamour is retiring to San Fransisco Ca



Tegans Irish Summer

This gorgeous girl is Imported from Australia, Summer has a rich Heritage of Therapy and service dogs in her pedigree. Her sire is the Magnificent Rutlands Kelby



        Sire: Rutlands Kelby              
        Dam: Tegan Park Irish Opal

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Toradalriadas Bailey's British Cream "Bailey"

Sire: Toradalriadas Lil Romeo
Dam: Country Sarah


Bailey is Scottish delight, imported from Scottland.

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Country Gossip Girl "Madison" CGC

 Madison our beautiful black Standard Labradoodle, She is
amazing in every way!


Sire:aAprina In Tegan Park Macho Mans the Big Q
Dam: Rutlands Chalet

Retired for service work





Country N Rutlands Devine Diva

Sire: Rutlands Kelby
Dam: Rutlands Desiree

Stunning and magnificent, Diva is our everything that we
had hoped for and dreamed of.

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Retired in training for service work




Country Redd Russett

Sire: US Washington Titan
Dam: Primetimes Sabucci

Russett is our Beautiful Apricot Girl, Always happy

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Retired to Hawaii in Spring 2012



 Primetime's Sabucci                                       

        Sabucci is boundless energy.....





        Sire: Primetime's Quincy              
        Dam: Southern Maine's Isabelle

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        Sabucci lives in Pennsylvania



Rutlands Desiree

This stunning girl  was originally imported from Rutland Manor in Australia. Desiree is a magnificent representation of breed type.


       Sire: Rutlands Heart Throb
         Dam: Rutlands Stella

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Retired lives in Sacramento California



Rutlands Brianna

 Sire:  ZPShannandoah                                                      
 Dam: Rutlands Lil Nesta


 Brianna the perfect house dog, she is magnificent in  every way!

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Country Ginger Spice

Sire: US Washington Titan
Dam: Primetimes Sabucci

Ginger is our Beautiful Cream Girl, who is always happy
Ginger lives with Armand in Northern Ca.

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Retired lives in San Fransisco California





          Danielle is a true Cafe Chocolate showing under-tones of
          Lavender. She is the total house dog and loves to be a part
         of the family. 

        Retired lives in Northern California


       Sire: Rutlands Lil Brett
       Dam: Rutlands Bon Bon

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Country Lil Black Beauty "Blackie"       


    This beautiful 17" 29 pound bundle of love is
     an amazing intuitive girl.

      Puppies Available

    Dam: Rutlands Brianna
    Sire: aAprina in Tegan Park Macho Mans The Big Q


   Retired lives in Green Bay WI

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